For Individuals

You may be on the path to leave the corporate world but not on the path to leave the skills, experience and professional assets you’ve nurtured for years by the side of road. And you may be motivated to give back and to serve your community in ways you could not during your career.

That’s where LifeWork fits in. Our goal is to help committed individuals like you transition into positions that fulfill your desire to stay professionally engaged while making a difference in your community. We prepare you to move into full-time late career (or second act) service roles at nonprofit organizations and agencies that match your aspirations and talents and need what you can offer.

LifeWork helps you take that step forward by providing a range of services, including:

  • Initial evaluation and career review
  • Performance profile
  • Inventory of interests
  • Tailored transitional training (key in managing the significant challenge of moving from a business environment to a service/nonprofit environment)
  • Networking opportunities with other LifeWork’ers

Want to join our culture of service? Talk to your Human Resources or Employee Benefits leadership about partnering with LifeWork or reach out to us for more information.

LifeWork for communities

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