We cultivate meaningful transitions
for experienced, impact-minded professionals
moving into the second act of their lives

We envision a culture of service where experience intersects with purpose to benefit all.

LifeWork for companies

Your employees benefit from our guidance and potential placement services for their “second act” following their corporate career.

My company has skilled employees who need guidance as they transition to retirement.

LifeWork for communities

We deepen the level of experience, knowledge and talent available to community organizations and nonprofits.

My organization can benefit from skilled, committed professionals.

LifeWork for individuals

We pair late-career individuals leaving corporate life with mission-driven groups to help them and their communities flourish.

I’m a professional who’s ready for the next chapter in my life’s work.

Serving the Research Triangle

LifeWork’s first full-service program launched in the Triangle region of North Carolina in 2020. Learn how LifeWork can help connect you with future success.

LifeWork seeds growth in communities

Many late-career professionals leave the corporate environment hoping to join high-impact community organizations. LifeWork facilitates this transition.

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