A benefit that pays dividends

First, a quick thank you to everyone we’ve (virtually) met with over the past few months. In spite of (and perhaps thanks to) the numerous pandemic-related challenges out there, we have been forging ahead with the pilot LifeWork program here in the Triangle. What’s new, you ask?

As you know, our mission is to recruit skilled, late-career individuals who are leaving the corporate sector and match them with community organizations in need of their talents. Now, we’re actively engaging corporate clients. These are our partners who offer the LifeWork program as a benefit to their employees. If you’re a Triangle-based company, this is your opportunity to be among the first to offer outplacement services that have a positive impact on your employees and the community.

What can you do to help?

  • Consider offering LifeWork where you work. We don’t charge a retainer. We only bill you when a transitioning employee enters the program.
  • Tell your colleagues, especially in HR/Comp & Benefits, about us.
  • If you are a nonprofit (like us!) let us help fill your open roles.
  • Connect us with any promotional or presentation opportunities with professional organizations.

Better prospects ahead?

I was speaking with an experienced recruiter last week and he told me something interesting. While he has seen a small decline in positions, the bigger challenge is that some individuals who have jobs are very reluctant to leave their current employer. In other words, some in the market have become a bit risk-averse.

We see this as a potential positive for our key demographic, the “second act” job seeker. These individuals represent the complete package: skilled, experienced and engaged. Better yet, compensation is no longer their top priority.

Who do you know?

We have a number of individuals who are ready for their encore career. If you’re associated with or know of a nonprofit or community organization that’s looking for fresh talent, please introduce us!