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Join us August 27-28 to learn about our mission and provide vital feedback to our team.

Creating a new culture of service—where experience intersects with purpose

LifeWork is on a mission

Recruiting skilled late-career workers, equipping them with the tools to transition into new occupations, pairing them with organizations in need, and supporting both in their efforts to better their community

The Case for Change

Research has shown that newly retired and pre-retirement individuals face wellbeing and fulfillment issues connected with this era of their life (and beyond). We recognize that aging creates an opportunity for these individuals to connect with socially-impactful organizations in need of highly skilled, experienced, and committed workers.

How it Works


LifeWork will actively engage and onboard new members, community partners, and sponsors who share a commitment to social impact.


LifeWork provides member individuals and organizations access to tools, resources, and training programs.


LifeWork Members are paired with community organizations based on the member skill sets and needs of the organization.


The LifeWork program doesn't stop after first connection. Our team will continue to support and mentor these powerful new partnerships.

Benefits of Our Programs

When skilled, late-career individuals join and commit to a social impact organization, a ripple effect occurs—impacting the individual member and the organization they support, while changing the community itself.

Individual Fulfillment
Organizational Growth
Community Impact

LifeWork Prepares 2020 Launch in NC Triangle Region

Based upon extensive research and after conducting learning lab sessions with local leaders in late 2019, LifeWork has chosen the Triangle Region (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) of North Carolina as the inaugural site to host our first full-service programs in 2020. Our new Regional Director, Steve Brechbiel, will be reaching out to non-profits, community organizations, local employers and others to introduce the LifeWork concept, followed by a formal launch of services later in the year.

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We believe in the power of service and community to improve quality of life for late-career workers. Donate to LifeWork to support our mission and amplify our impact on individuals and communities.

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Meet the LifeWork Leadership Team

Gary Earl
Co-Founder and Founding Executive Director

As Co-Founder and Executive Director of LifeWork, Gary supports late-stage workers pursuing greater purpose in their lives. Through LifeWork, Gary creates and delivers innovative solutions that help individuals improve their communities.

B. Marc Allen
Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman

Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of LifeWork’s Board of Directors, Marc is President of Boeing International, and a committed global community leader with a passion for creating new pathways for late-stage workers in the U.S. to impact the communities where they live with the work they do.

Steve Brechbiel
Regional Director

Steve joined LifeWork in January 2020. As Regional Director, he is responsible for the organization’s launch in the Triangle region of North Carolina. He will work with non-profit, community and corporate organizations to fulfill the LifeWork mission, connecting late-stage workers with opportunities that benefit our communities.

Register for our Learning Labs in Raleigh!

Join us August 27-28 to learn about our mission and provide vital feedback to our team.

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